Khajuraho has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculpture. The Khajuraho group of monuments has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The name Khajuraho, ancient “Kharjuravāhaka”, is derived from the Sanskrit words kharjura = date palm and vāhaka = “one who carries”.

The Khajuraho temples are made of sandstone. The builders didn’t use mortar: the stones were put together with mortise and tenon joints and they were held in place by gravity. This form of construction requires very precise joints. The columns and architraves were built with megaliths that weighed up to 20 tons.

These temples of Khajuraho have sculptures that look very realistic and are studied even today.

The temples are grouped into three geographical divisions: western, eastern and southern.


The Khajuraho temples do not contain sexual or erotic art inside the temple or near the deities; however, some external carvings bear erotic art.  They portray that, for seeing the deity, one must leave his or her sexual desires outside the temple.




Some 10% of the carvings contain sexual themes; those reportedly do not show deities, they show sexual activities between people. The rest depict the everyday life of the common Indian of the time when the carvings were made, and of various activities of other beings. For example, those depictions show women putting on makeup, musicians, potters, farmers, and other folk.



Khajuraho temple complex offers a well-made light and sound show every evening. The first show is in English language and the second one in Hindi. The show is about an hour long and covers the history, philosophy and the art of sculpting of these temples. It is held in the open lawns in the temple complex.




The Khajuraho Dance Festival, held every year in February/March, is an opportunity for visitors to experience various classical Indian dances set against the backdrop of the Chitragupta or Vishwanath Temples.


Khajuraho Musicians

Khajuraho Musicians


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  • Asim K Mukherjee

    Poetry on rocks.

  • Murilo Alvares da Silva

    Cheers! India’s people had a mind fixed in sex!

  • harii prasath

    incredable, outstanding beauty of life…….

  • srinivas vishwakarma.

    its really marvelous.

  • Phil

    Extremely beautiful!!! I wish I want to visit there

  • Nagaraja M

    Many have doubts why in some of the Indian Temples, places of holy worship, erotic sculptures are depicted outside the Temple. Here it is very clearly indicated, suggested, advised, It is very difficult, in fact impossible to be without six enemies of humans, so called ‘arishadvargas’ particularly kama, the very root cause of our birth. Lotus takes birth in a pond containing impounded water with weeds, can it be without that water in it, though it looks so beautiful. At least during the period we are inside a temple with reverance to the deity of worship we need to keep these ‘enemies’ outside us.



  • RF

    This place is amazing, but not for Muslim people to go and watch it. because if you can clearly see at the pictures some of them are very …… but over all it’s a nice place for a journey to Hindos… 😉

  • Dr Kumar


  • raosgmysore

    scintillating photography of masterpiece carvings
    May your tribe increase in spreading the ‘excellence’ of ‘golden times of the OLD’

  • Dr. Ramdas Narkkhede

    It’s wonerful ancient art.To let know the public the need of that science in order to increase the population during that time.Instead of encouraging the prostitution. I appreciate.

  • krishnan

    arts are very attractive.thanks for the show.

  • Raja kesavan P

    A stone can also convert into a romantic poetry by an artist. How great he is.


    Word temple should be detached. These are pieces of art and culture.Name them which ment for art, culture, life and so on. Temple are for worship and these should be free from all such things which diverts the attention of a man from worship to anything else. No one in the world has a mind free from sex. If any one has, he is not a common man, he must be above all and he creats this world and man creats these sculptures and MEN can never be equal to CREATER.

  • shankar chaudhary

    Ancient Indian sculpture
    very old records of Indian
    Knowledge & Taste.
    One must also visit the Sun
    Temple at Konark, Orrisa to
    see similar even more beatiful

  • Dhansukh Vaghella

    Extremely beautiful!!! I wish I want to visit there

  • Rohit

    its awnsome.realy

  • Mohapatra

    Lets see from the creative angle with a bent of sex in mind. You will enjoy it. No answers required as to why these things were made. Lets make it simple – Its just beautiful !!!

  • N901

    It shows the maturity of the society during that time and the advancement of civil sciences

  • kishor

    it’s really good.

  • Anantha kumar

    It is vairagya on session. These poses help you to reduce interest gradually

  • jeyaveerakumar

    people in those period were very innocent unlike now.there were no media. people gathered mainly in temples and festivals.hence the kings made these sculptures in temple premises.


    We are big hypocrate. On one hand we brand it sex and vulgur, erotic, etc etc.

    We forget that we are born by an ACT of sex between two consenting partner.
    Nature has made it perfectly ok to perform this act for happiness and furthering our progeny.

    Lets enjoy this sculpure and enjoy sex between two consenting partner.

    Warm Regards

    Have a sexful life.

  • chethan

    Hope i believe this is the forward thinking thoughts of the ancient sculptors that how world will react in future for sex

  • Kishor Fatepara

    wow wonerful really great. your vision is ultra & micro

  • srinivasan

    very nice handcraft.

  • Dr Krishnappa M

    The stone carvings are the real witness of the capacity of our artists to make a poetry out of stones.Even our Belur,Halebeedu & Hampi in KARNATAKA too equally have these type of master piece stone carvings.Hats off to the artists and their patrons.

  • Veera

    Mr.Nagaraj, your reply is only explains why it is not on internal walls; kept just on outer walls.

    The basic is only sex; being considered as worship – from whore only worship had come. This will explain why we have devadasi in temples. Temples are only meant for such activities. A whore has written your fate – thats is horoscope (whoroscope). Always female is the deity and male. Later period has given male as suprior, so on.

  • P.K.Gopinathan

    A good attempt to graph the beauty in film. There were many subject to be photographed. Why this sexual sculptures are made previously and photograhed presently. Because it lives in all of us. Penence and lust are the twin sides of life. One bring us from etenity to beautiful life and the other lead us from the dutyful life to eternity. With out one the other cant withstand. Out antient fore fathers knew it well.
    I congraudualte you for the endure you have made in this line. Thank you for furnishing such a piece of beauty. P.K.Gopinathan

  • Ragavan

    Childhood marriages were very much prevalent in olden days ,more over in order to educated the elementary truth of life,sex and marital relationship to the young ones their parents often induced the newly wedded couple to visit these temples for healthy sexual life and and fulfillment of purposeful married life to get good and healthy pro genies. In the later period these were given a vulgar and vicarious depictions and exhibition for carnal pleasures of human life. This is a sad part of our social background which is portrayed for a wrong end which is not a healthy sign.

  • Amitava Chakravarty

    This is really amazing …how they expressed their views through these they are Kamdev themselves…..

  • samuel

    Wonderful works of art

  • jitu patel

    Sex has to be taken as reverence. It should not be considered as tool of enjoyment. There is nothing wrong in calling it as TEMPLE. Our ancient people had good foresight. The world at large is appreciating Indian Culture. I rise and appreciate the meaning, art & culture depicted in Khajurao Temples. The light and sound show is also great and tells us the story of Temple. Wish I could visit again.

  • K Krishna rao

    Great artists created wonderful poses of human beings. Imagine how difficult poses put into reality. Requires immense imaginations in mind and carve the same. Into the rock keeping an eye on the sizes. Many of these artists exist today in India without having two meals a day. God gifted hands are not utilized by our Democratic Government. Something has to be done to these artists by creating more and more stone carvings by government of India of our historic hetitage

  • Madhu Babu

    I have seen, it’s really amazing and mind blowing art.
    I really proud to be an indian, how just see the work behind it.

  • tissa kumara

    Please detach the word “Temple” from the name of this place. The word Temple is used for a place where anybody can reach to an intellectual spirituality. But here we are pushed to change our mind to behave as well as the Modern Blue Film shows. And then it influence to our minds to think this behavior is Customary and Nobel.

  • Asoka Tissa Kumara

    Please detach the word “Temple” from the name of this place. The word Temple is used for a place where anybody can reach to an intellectual spirituality. But here we are pushed to change our mind to behave as well as the Modern Blue Film shows. And then it influence to our minds to think this behavior is Customary and Nobel.

  • Moti Manot

    It is really thrilling to vist Khajuraho without valgerity the all statues showing the right way of the fact of reality

    Moti Manot

  • Suman Ghosh

    Deadly mad about comments,Salute to all of them.

  • R. Manocha

    Beautiful sculpture by Chandel dynasty to attract people towards relationships and bonding angles to make it more interesting.

  • D.V Ranga Rao

    Very, Very nice Beautyful Place!!

  • Guru

    Many people have doubts like why in the walls of temples with great hard work, erotic sculptures have been sculpted. I would like to share my view according to my knowledge and recent research.

    Indian culture has many hidden meanings too. Big temples were built and people went around the temples 3 times which would become a great morning walk. In this surroundings, people were becoming a part of sex education walking along through these sculptures. In India sex is considered sacred.

  • Diptikumar Sen

    A thing of beauty is a joy for ever!

  • vijay

    Extremely beautiful art of life


    The temple architecture consists of all types of wars, soldiers, men’s dresses, women, why all. The epic MAHABHARAT also gives all subjects. Thus every Indian should know everything on this earth,including sex.Why shd any have doubt with sex? Regard it as a master piece and learn the art, if u do not know it. 90% people do not know the sex act well.What’s wrong in knowing sex in full. I recommend every man and woman to know. Grateful to the artists who have depicted them in detail.

  • krisna

    maya maya everything maya

  • javed khan

    it is not a good thing,temple is a worship place.these things will be exited sex in mango people at this places also


    What is shiva linga ?? Surrounding by the round yoni of goddess parvati?? its the origin of life. We pour water, milk , etc to cool the linga.. to reduce the heat and for peace…. sex is the part of life… and nothing is vulgar if taken positively and faithfully..lets enjoy.. the hindu.. thinking so forward before years and years ago…. salute…

  • Pawan kumar chindalia

    This called india , in india art and cultur are very much deep , know one can beat india in hertiage .

    india is the best in the world .

  • Yehmmy

    This ‘Sexetional’!

  • Shailesh

    beautiful…. superb art work…

  • Digambar Mahajan

    Untalkable expressions of rocks coverted in talkable sence by artist. Mind blowing.

  • .R.Sharma

    execellent art which shows the greatness of indian culture.

  • Sivakumar

    Its really very good handcraft

  • Dr.L.R.Goje

    This is a great culture and heritage symbol. In olden days, the temples are not only to pray God but also to dessiminate the knowledge of great ‘SEX’ and its importance in the life of each individual.

  • Dave

    The Reason why there are erotic scluptures in the temples is in ancient times there were no newspaper editions related to SEX. So a mother to explain to her daughter ther she has to do such things during her first night with her husband, she brings her daughter to the temple and shows all these scluptures and explains what she has to do during her first night with her husband. This is the main reason who there were erotic scluptures in the temples
    Hope this helps

  • Miss Sri

    The sculptures are too romantic. But there is a hidden question “WHY” this kind of sexual action had used in this temple…..???? Weather that is the culture of those days or the person who contributed to construct these sculptures has forecasted or that is a thing which he interested in………..?????

  • O F Thomas, Aluva

    The writings and sculptures of ancient India as depicted in KHAJURAHO
    should be seen as man’s outlet for his beautiful thoughts/visions. No one can deny the fact that sex is a vital action indispensable for the existence of humans. Millenniums may pass by but man remains the same homosapien. Ancient kings and rulers had the audacity to display this basic instinct as sculpture in Temples because that was the only place where the general public could gather on occasions.SIMPLY MARVELOUS!

  • s.govindrao

    indians accostomed to follow the practices of west and are not capable of appreciating the genius of indians. now adays people argue for sex education in schools. but our ancients have done this in the form of art on the walls of temples, which are the places frequently visited by people. so that they can get educated by these pictures in the field of sex. atleast people should try to appreiciate the good things done by our elders.

  • Sachin

    the most ancient & the most modern times

  • chakresh

    man thoughts created on stones. dare or just normal course ? only time knows. cj

  • Pramod Raj

    It’s really nice. hardwork with handwork of beautiful artwork in stones.

  • venugopal kozhissery

    fantastic scenes on stone carvings. Thank you for sending the same.

  • S Sebastian

    Hinduim has root in sexual happiness as it is clearly evident in the worshiping of Siva Lingam.
    Olden days it was considered as holy, that is why we had the Deva dasi system which i hear still prevails in Karnatake and Kerala borders. Sanbandham ( approved relations ) by the nampoodhiris ( brahmins ) with the lower caste.
    Osho rajaneesh too advocated the same.
    Every temple has Siva Lingam which is the base of Hinduim.
    At present, educated hindus want to show that these are not the basic as they feel shy and confused and dont want to accept the facts.

  • Sita Ram Goyal

    The Realy great of Khajuraho Temple

    the capacity our artists to make

    Iwish to you & advace civil sciences

  • manjula

    very beautifull wana visit once really nice

  • ganesh

    its amzing its very nice and good


    Hi, FYI , the sexual image actually means at lower PLANE of human life enjoy sexual feeling (sitri-imbam),
    then please observe at higher PLANE of human life imageS are fixed on PRAYERS ,KRIYAS and MEDITATION toward GOD (PARE-IMBAM) – means man attain real meaning of human birth that’s mind should be fixed on GOD .

  • Nataver ParikhAmazing sculpters

    Amazing carvings onm stone which is very artistic with ulta and micro vision!Wonderful…..

  • neelakuyil

    The beautiful pictures are wall sculptures on one of 49 temples that used to be in the area. My professor explained to me that these sculptures which are only about 2 ft tall, were made for the instruction of newly married who would visit the temple. As far as I remember the temple was for Arjun of the Pandavas.

  • Sumudu.kk


  • Kundan

    hum log pehle se hi tharki rahe hai……. :p
    matlab indian logo ki soch kis had tak ja sakti h … really we have a great imaginary power 😀

  • Janaka

    There good art for human making

  • jayant prabhu

    sex is required to preserve the human species. it has been controlled, regulated and dignified. there is nothing more beautiful and peacuful in this world then having sex with your consentual partner.

  • prathip

    amazed of the sculptured works….. postures are awesome…

  • rajes kanna.dl

    ontarful and amazing heritage view

  • Lawan Jain

    Extremely beautiful!!! I never ever visited this place but wish to visit there

  • Setupadhey

    It is marvallously portrayed the inner of human outside, so that no one can say something is hidden behind the curtain.

  • G.M. MAkode

    Excellent!Amazing !

  • sudheer reddy

    it is exellent photographes

  • MUNNA9880843531


  • bhim

    Stone carvings is really a poetry on stones. Indian methodology about sex is spiritual not in vulgar manner. It’s so beautiful.

  • Irshad khan

    All should be remove from tample that is very bad we can’t see with our femilly or visit with femilly so that its nust removed.

  • SSG

    There are 2 theories explaining why the temples have such erotic images on them. They are:
    1) Around 1000 AD (when these temples were supposed to be built), Buddhism was predominant, hence people were becoming more ‘Bhikkus’ & subseqently away from reproduction of human race. To bring them back to their ‘duties’ & onwards back to Hinduism, such temples at Khajuraho, Konark etc were sculpted.
    2) Another theory states that it was done to protect the temples from bolts of Lightening falling on temple as ‘Vidyut’ is a virgin & it will not fall on such sculptures due to modesty!

  • nirmal

    very sexual………….too bad .it is something tat i think weiryyyyyyyy

  • Dr. Ahmad

    It is beautifull accient Tamples … Must visit…Must know the Hisrory,when build and who build these Tamples….Beautifull INDIA ….It would be nice if Road Map is attached…

  • Ramesh M. Vaswani

    SExSexSex its mindboggling. Now we can go about it in our life with no feeling of guilt. Huh.

  • Arun Singh

    Its one of the Great Love & Sex relation in History,which tell us Do Sex & Love continuosly

  • Heera Mani

    how stone converted by an architect into a romantic poetry. it rally great to see.

  • K S Sai

    The best possible way of teaching the Kama Sutra to the common man. The sutras defined by way of beautifully carved sculptures to give the feeling of ecstasy and learning simultaneously.

    In the past temples were the places where almost everybody visited and hence these were places where the art of Kama could be displayed on sculptures and the visitors could learn the art in a disciplined manner due the spiritual bent of mind while being in the Temple.



  • dhruti mehrta

    its amazing and stupando

  • Anuradha Chowdhury

    Wowwww!!!excellent stone carving.I’m really excited becoz I’m going to visit this site in the month of October during the Puja holidays.I’ve also visited the sun temple of Konark two times.Hope to get the same pleasure in visiting Khajuraho as I felt in visiting Konark.Thanks for the beautiful photoes.

  • Digambar Mahajan

    Very artistic monoments of good architecture. It amazing priya, You have taken lot of pains to introduce such good art to people.



  • Mrs Anu

    its awesome.Its a message to the ancient people where there were no other medias.Most important thing is the art the sculpture has.Wonderful….amazing………its all in the eyes of the beholder. thx for presenting it.

  • percy n. elavia.

    Wow, what a temple and its carvings, amazing, to sculpt them in those days which a chisel and hammer and that too in those lovely poses is simply amazing and hats off to the great hands. Go with an open mine and enjoy it as a piece of art and I am sure you will respect them as much as you respect yourself to know more and to ehense your knowledge. I must go in my next holidays is what I have deceided.

  • Proven Stud

    nice — i got wood!


    i see lot of people here complaining about the “erotic” imagery and the association of word temple with it, i just wish them to consider this,
    God has provided us with KAAM,if used only with the intention of LUST, KAAM leads to MOH, LOBH, AHANKAAR, which further unfulfilled becomes KRODH, destroying the individual and the human society.
    those who constructed these monuments were not plain foolish to paint them with erotic imagery, they wanted to convey a message, KAAM has to be restrained put to good use to lead a fruitful family life, but even outside when you are indulged in KAAM, inside there must only be RAM,
    so there is not a single erotic idol inside the temple.
    people come with lust and see these imageries on the outside, but they are not interested in going inside because thers is not a single erotic image inside, and yet chant pornography pornography.

  • khyria

    The act of human intercourse is one of the powers “downloaded” from the Divine for purposes of human survival on this plane. It is, in fact, a sacred rite. It is a sacred act of souls who unite from the heart to reproduce the Word to Pro-create in the name of the Supreme Being. There is a designated time and place for this copulation designed to produce the best result. or, one may call it the best breed of humans to dwell on this planet. MAY THE BLESSINGS BE!


    I think people need the sex.Without sex we can not live. Man need women and women need man for sex. This is not wrong thing. God has made us this type. This photoes have clearly showed how can do the sex.

  • Anand

    very nice sex is most impotant for life

  • goldsugar

    The carvings are beautiful creation of artists of those days. Apart from Kama postures, other hues are also depicted. Why single out this KAMA aspect and say that this should be removed. The person or person who say that are the result of such act. Will they say that the persons who are responsible for his being here on earth should also be removed as they have done something heinous.

    Now, with the communication, print, audio, video, we need no sex education.. so let us appreciate these things as work of art.

  • rakesh didwania

    from the point of art, it iz amazing.

  • pavan

    Excellent PHOTOGRAPHS

  • Madan Dusane

    When i see the Khajuraho pictures, each & every time it looks more beautiful. it is the best architecture & the best sculpture ever before. I just say this is the marvelous.

  • tujun

    amazing , there are so erotic image inside ,too .

  • achuthan vatakketath ravi

    i do not mind your publishing my email id.people are in deep blind beliefs that sex is sin.they are fools.if we had no amorous pleasures this generations wouldn’t have survived at all.ancient people had great adoration for sex and its pleasures.i have great pleasure in it and i enjoy it with my sublime lust for sex and life.there are rock poetries in khajuraho that depicts lesbian love and doggie style fucking and girls sucking dicks too.ancient people had no inhibition to do amorous actions and say this openly.we have fake chastity and love too.we scold others for doing such things.

  • mr.impossiblerf

    what is the use to have naked pic.

  • Milind

    It is owesome, beutifull, actully there is no word to discribe.

  • Ganesh Unhcr colombo

    Sex…. is required to preserve the human species. it has been controlled, regulated and dignified. there is nothing more beautiful and peaceful in this world then having sex with your consentual partner.I agree and Dear Mr J singh His concern too its 100% acceptable ,Sex is giving more peace to human soul not money wealth or any other resources .

  • Lionel Percy

    It just goes to show the skills people had before the invention of the camera , tv , porn movies and etc for enjoyment .Nothing wrong with multiple sex if done properly.

  • CurlyBhojani

    Sex is a reality, some keep it hidden some have the guts to reveal. The craftsmanship at these heights is amazing and credible. I wont call it erotic or porno, these are facts of life since time immemorial.

  • Nandu

    Mind blowing art

  • Omo Ono

    Every human should know “SEX” ( S=Soul, E=Energy, X=eXchange )art in
    human life.Khuraho has thought us the art of “SEX”

    (:) Omo Ono (:)

  • TITUS.G. geetee


  • indian

    Nice . Proves that Sex is part of life.

  • RDX

    Great learning experience for everyone…

  • RDX

    Great learning experienec for everyone interested in SEX

  • narendra j.

    as per my knowledge in encient times gurus made their pupils(shishyas) to meditate outside, in frontside of those erotic poses, when they overcomed their desires, only then they were allowed to go in the temple to meditate and reach the ultimate goal of being to god.thatswhy there are no such sculptures inside the temple.

  • Harkan

    You can only see in INDIA no where in the world you can see such sculpture. Good updates.. Jai ho.

  • virendra salvi

    khup chan lay bhariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Salahuddin Ahmed


  • vijay

    What is shiva linga ?? Surrounding by the round yoni of goddess parvati?? its the origin of life. We pour water, milk , etc to cool the linga.. to reduce the heat and for peace…. sex is the part of life… and nothing is vulgar if taken positively and faithfully..lets enjoy.. the hindu.. thinking so forward before years and years ago….

  • Nageswara Rao

    Why Sculptures of Sex?
    Khajuraho, a great Indian Culture carved without Engineering Drgs. proves India is great. There were a few historical presentations in Khajuraho.

    Prior to this Temple construction, there was a war took place and these Kings won. But many soldiers are died. The reproduction problem has become severe. then kings might have thought provoking the inner zeal and lust the race can be reestablished like vyasa for Kouravas in Maha Bharat.

    Other reason could be: Then Buddha is having huge No. of followers. To stop people by opening the interest in Sex; These provoking sculpture on temples have been made.

    However it is our great engineering designs. it is our responsibility to protect them.

    Nageswara Rao

  • narendra j.

    as per my knoledge in ancient days teachers{guru} took thier students{shishya} to these temples for meditation.but to overcome earthly desires were made to meditate infront ofthe temple after passing that phase only than were allowed to enter the main temple for further teachings from the teacher.

  • shan

    really work of a art… salute the crafsman.

  • ashok gehija

    best histrorical picture

  • Alfred James

    Sex is an important part of life and well depicted,in its Sculptured art form.

  • thirumoorthy.s

    What is shiva linga ?? Surrounding by the round yoni of goddess parvati?? its the origin of life. We pour water, milk , etc to cool the linga.. to reduce the heat and for peace…. sex is the part of life… and nothing is vulgar if taken positively and faithfully..lets enjoy.. the hindu.. thinking so forward before years and years ago….

  • ramesh patel

    the indian real kamsutra……..

  • yogesh maken


  • sumeda

    see the nice pic

  • The Feminist

    This simply shows the sexual perversion that was justified in the name of religion by priests and kings, if its not pornography than what it is? Some body is saying that perception depends on the beholder. If it depends on the beholder than watch your sister or mother having sex with your “CLEAN and PURGED” perception.

  • Pradeep Kumar Mohanty

    Very nice. I will go there once!

  • chandu

    Really they are awesome.I feel that if any one go to Maharastra they must visit these temples to know about our India

  • jsiloman

    Some of the most incredible works known to Mankind. Proof that humans can think and feel both the same and yet different from modern humans. We must not forget that we are products of our own times and that many of the ancients thought very differently about the meaning and “dirtiness” of sex in all of its forms . .

  • Johnlee5757

    Superb creativity very nice sculptures….

  • Ahmed

    Sex is a necessity of life, every body is aware of this fact. But It must be in closed room in a private palce not in the market or in open place. if it is in private place with husband then of course it is a worship but if it is in open place with other than wife then this will create a generation like evil and it will destroy the structure of family and society. Therefore, only sex is not interesting in the sight of nature but you have to decide it should be with whom and at what situation. Any civilized society will not allow such images to be public and it will decrease the piety of indian culture. I should not be the way to promote the art. My knowledge and experience say that this type of sculpture could have been built (specially in India where culture and society has very strong root)under the huge pressure and would have very private palce. Thanks.

  • Incredible India

    Stunning Sculptures I think one must see the art of sculptures in khajuraho amazing Temples.

  • madhan

    simply 2 say its AWESOME……..YA SEX is the thing that makes our eye brows to shrink in joy of heaven happiness..i think it is saying the lesson tat1 should b holyful r visionful even he is admired by the external desires…… KKAAAMAAAAA……..
    Very very intersting….i love all des positions……if i would b a sculpture..i would hav added some new………ha……..
    no words to express d work of art……….xcellent….

  • Shane

    While perhaps some may see this as romantic masonry art, my view is that the ancient worlds are in ruins today due to their very immoral carnal social lives. The display on supposed holy sites are evidence of the early madness. This is not holy and the site should not even be considered so.

    Youth are exposed to this and therefore shouldn’t become a debate of ones perception, so to speak. The crux of the matter is, it is absolutely pornographic and carries no more than that message, period. Call me old fashion but hey! Look at the positions, the penetration, sexual activity with animals, and you decide if this is left for ones perception.

    It is ancient ruins, around the world, and like these that should tell mankind that RELIGIONS, are a failure and especially the hierarchies within it that destroy the essence of it. Our definition of holy is absolutely distorted.

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