Rock Garden

Rock Garden-streamOne of the most unique and spectacular attractions in Chandigarh is the Rock Garden.  It is a classic example of innovation and recycling at its best.  Designed to look like a lost kingdom, this sprawling 40 acre garden is situated between the Capitol Complex and Sukhna Lake.

Set amidst waterfalls, plazas and various sculptures, the sight is something that the world has never seen before.

What makes this garden so impressive is the fact that everything in the garden is created from industrial and home waste and items that have been discarded.

Rock Garden-1

Rock Garden-2

Established in the form of an open-air exhibition hall, theatre trove and a miniature maze, the Rock garden is set in large mosaic courtyards connected by walled paths. Moreover, several important performances have taken place in this small but very artistic theatre. Enter into the most breathtaking arrangement of rocks, boulders, frames, broken chinaware, metal wires, broken bangles, play marbles and much more through a modest yet classy entrance. It is truly a treat to the eyes. The layout of the garden is built around the fantasy of a lost kingdom. The Rock garden displays sculptures made from everything from clay to auto parts which have aided in creating a world of palaces, soldiers, monkeys, village life, women and temples. This garden, which is without a single flower, is also the venue of the annual Teej Festival. During this time the entire garden lights up and attains a festive look.

Rock Garden-huts

Rock Garden-moat

Rock Garden-monkey sculptures

The Garden itself has 14 different chambers housing natural rock-formations which include a musician’s chamber and the main court (Darbar) where the king’s throne is placed.

Rock Garden-mosaic

Rock Garden-peacock sculptures

This beautiful garden also has a very interesting history behind it. It was initially started secretly by Nak Chund in 1957. He was a road inspector in the Engineering Department of the Chandigarh Capital Project at the time and spent seven years (1958-1965) collecting natural material, urban and industrial waste. However, his work as discovered by the authorities in 1975 and in 1976, it was inaugurated as a public space. It even appeared on an Indian stamp in 1983.

Rock Garden-waterfall

Rock Garden-Rock paths and walls

The garden attracts more than 12 million visitors from around the world every year and is viewed as one of the modern wonders of the world.
Summer opening hours
(1st April to 30th September)
9 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Winter opening hours
(1st October to 31st March)
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
The rock garden is open all seven days of a week.

Entry prices:
Rs. 5 for adults
Rs. 3 for children.

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  • V Raghavan

    We have seen the Rock Garden at Chandigarh many years ago. From your pictures it looks as though it has been renovated and new exhibits have been added. Great sight! It will be well worth a second visit!

  • kaushik mehta

    we have visited in october 2006.It is fantastic and imagination of stone and arrangement are wonderfull.I think its rare,toirst visiting Punjab should not miss.Its life time rememberance

  • surjit singh chadda

    very nice,have u click these picture yourself,then its is more beautiful.keep on sending.

  • Sagar

    Yes, it is indeed unique and spectacular

  • Dhanaraj

    Excellent. Will make it a point to visit with family.

  • Sam

    A must see and Xperience for EVERYONE.

  • manjulagirish

    nice journey through the garden.

  • Muhammad Moin


  • h,g.chowdhry

    i have seen it everyone must see it

  • Homi Bilimoria

    I was lucky to vsit this wonderful garden 20 yrs ago.
    I still vividly remember the garden as it is one of its kind.
    I’d love to visit it again.
    Thanks for the wonderful photos. They brought back nostalgic memories.
    Thanks again ; Keep up the good work.

  • ravi

    very very beautiful nice garden…

  • N.Manokaran

    Very nice. must see every one. tq

  • Firoz Khan

    I saw this garden with my family in 1990. It is simply a superb. Htas off to it’s creator Nak Chand. This is a proof that a common man can do uncommon thing. I suggest one must visit it at least once.
    Firoz Khan
    Toronto, Canada.

  • Amit Kr.Guchait

    I was visited Two Time,That place is such a beautiful place. Every-time i remember About Rock garden,It is fantastic and imagination of stone and arrangement are wonderful. I will Try visit next Time with my girl friend :)Amit

  • R.V.SHAH

    Our Group of KDO Sr.Citizens has visited this Garden and we enjoyed going through the variety of Temples, Caves, Waterfalls and statues although it took two hours to see.

  • keven chamika

    nic place .. i will be go to rock garden .. wonderfull !!!

  • Jaivir Scingh Chauhan

    Beautiful India Travel Guide.

  • Jaivir Singh Chauhan

    Knowledge enhancing

  • Chandan Basu Roy

    We were spellbound some 30 years ago, on visiting this site. In those days it was something very astonishing in our country.
    However, viewing it now, rose some nostalgic memories. Thanks.




    I have visited these places during 2011 and all these places are worthseeing Chandigarh is very neat and clean city. Definitly every one must visit this place with family

  • bharat

    We have visited rock garden twice and enjoyed the
    beautiful exhibits…

  • Vilas Bahulekar

    For inorganic material design and reuse is an excellent concept.Needs innovative and imaginative eyes.Excellent work.

  • O.C.Cherian

    India my home native is a golden spot in global tourism. with diversified blessings it is high time to concentrate tourism in national level and state level with all basis infrastructure- road,travel facilities, good food security all related. when we travel around our neighboring countries like Sri Lanaka, Thailand we will really understand how much behind we are. Hope and pray we will exhibit our gifted products the way it should be presented at least by next generation, O.C.Cherian. Maldives

  • deepashri

    Its worth viewing rock garden. we saw it in the month of June,2012.

  • Digvijay

    Management should allow to enjoy all interesting places shown here.

  • myrna zano

    very beautiful. how i wish i could see that place.

  • Jagdish

    Beautiful photoes. I have been to chandigarh and I have visited this Rock Garden Thanks for recapturing the glimpses of the past.

  • Savithri

    Rocks can bloom.Rockscan speak!!!Really rocking!!!

  • K.S.Ramaswami

    When I visited this rock garden during 1976, it was small and now the expansion with new addition is admirable. So I may visit again during next year during july.It is worth seeing and to be appreciated for ever

  • sunder

    superb. hats off. great team work

  • Dhana Selvi

    SOOOOOOOOO Bueatyfulllllllll

  • shruti

    lovely garden,shall visit some day.

  • Dr.S.C.Mukherjee

    Those who like to travel – A must see place for them.The theme and the art-work is unbelievable.I have visited Chandigarh a couple of times and everytime I have taken out time to visit this wonderful garden which a man-made wonder.People who have got fascination for ceativity can spend a whole day inside the garden and still remain unfinished in the wonderland.
    I appreciate the people who are in the management of the garden.

  • Vinod Kumar

    Its really wonderful to see this unique garden which is a proof that if there is zeal and dedication then waste can also be converted into beautiful things.
    This place is worth visit atleast once for those who appreciate new ideas and innovations. I wish all school going children should visit this garden to get new directions in their thinking which is many more times educative if taken in right sense.
    thanks for giving all details about the garden
    Vinod from Delhi

  • Dr.Laxman Rao Goje

    I am happy to reveal that I have visitted the garden with my wife. It is worth seeing place.

  • Dilip

    Nice garden… Worth seeing…

  • othman rababah

    fantastic,but if it doesn’t idols,it’ll be better.

  • Svsreddy

    Excellent, we have rock garden in Hyderabad but no comparison
    Too goooooood.

  • Svsreddy

    Excellent, we have rock garden in Hyderabad but no comparison
    Too goooooood.
    I like two bridges over canal. So I would like to build very small size of the same in my place

  • virdi SS

    As is erroneously believed it is not made out of discarded materials and waste. Tons of good portland cement and steel have gone into this creation of Nek Chand. Initially he started with waste materials but now tons and tons of cement and steel has been provided by the UT Administration for
    cretion of the rest of the spectacle. The theme of old Panjabi
    clay / terracota toys known as ” Ghugoo Ghore” remains

  • siva

    T Sivaprasad
    We have seen the Rock Garden at Chandigarh many years ago. From your pictures it looks as though it has been renovated and new exhibits have been added. Great sight!

  • Agyani

    Request you to please mention correct name of the legend “Nek Chand” instead of “Nak Chund”

  • nizamhm1944

    Its nice to see and admire!

  • P. P. M A N K A D

    Rock Garden R O C K S !

  • katil usman kunjahmed

    Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  • Judy

    I have been there once in 2000, with our friends from Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore universities. We awfully enjoyed visiting there a lot. Still i am missing so much of our tour. I wish i could get back to Rock Garden of Chandigarh once again. But, i am sure, all of our friends can never be back together there again.Whenever i see all the photos which we have taken there, it remind me of Rock Garden so badly. University life can never get back now! So ,this is life. Frequently,I have been missing of the sweet memories and the pleasures of the rock garden tour………Oh my dear friends, any body there?, can you understand my feeling here?

    missing painfully,


  • Mahi

    Rock Garden is truly rocking and a must see site at Chandigarh…….waterfall and the sculptures are simply amazing.

  • Vijay Maheshwari

    I have seen the Rock Garden, it is fantastic. Innovation at its best, BEST out of waste.This should be encouraged in all states.

  • Swaranjit

    It was great to visit with friends from the US and the Northeast India. It looked as if I was in Japan!

  • bharathi

    very beautiful and Excellent team work

  • Kalpesh Baxi

    Such a rocking experience.

  • Sankar Mukherjee

    It is a beautiful and lovely garden.

  • Dr.Laxman Rao Goje

    I got an oppurtunity of visiting the rock garden along with my wife. I enjoyed a lot. This is the work of a single person……Great.

  • G.R.K.Sastry

    seeing second time.

  • Nanjundaswamy

    Is Really Bueatyfull

  • Paulo Rattes

    Lindas fotos


  • 5th Genaration

    Rock Garden is no longer bright and beautiful.It is dark and depressing due to fungus and moss all around. The worst is Plastic bags, which are more than the statues … They are planning to close it down and give it away to builders for constructing villas for VVVIPs

  • milon

    good nice picture good place




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