Enchanted Valley of Flowers

valley of flowers 4“High in the Himalayan ranges of Garhwal hills of Uttaranchal lies an enchanted Valley.” About 600 kilometers from Delhi, in the Chamoli district of Uttaranchal can be found The Valley of Flowers, a breathtaking array of over 500 different species of wild flowers spread over an area of 87.5 km².  It is situated a height of 11,000 feet to 14,000 feet above the sea level in the Western Himalayas.

This mysterious valley was hidden from the outside world, with only locals frequenting the place. Initially, it was avoided by the shepherds who believed this magical valley to be the celestial playground of the Gods, nymphs and fairies.

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The Valley was discovered by Frank Smith, a mountaineer, botanist and an explorer who came across it quite accidentally in 1931. He was so captivated by its outstanding beauty, which was in its full bloom at the time that he wrote a book about it called “Valley of Flowers”. Thus, the Valley remained a secret no more much to the delight of nature enthusiasts all over the world.

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The Valley itself is flanked on either side by imposing peaks, capped with snow. It is divided into two sections due to the Pushpawati River which cuts through the valley. The major portion of this valley is on its right bank and is every trekker’s dream come true. The entire trek from Govindghat to the valley via Ghangharia is a feast to the eyes. The Valley of flowers changes color almost every day, as it blooms with hundreds of new different flowers along with the changing shades of the old flowers as time passes by. It has been acknowledged by botanists, mountaineers and nature lovers as one of the most picturesque high altitude valleys in the world.

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It was only in 1982 that an area of 8,950 hectares of the valley was declared a National Park. In July 2005, it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This is mainly due to the fact that the valley contains so much rich diversified fauna within its area especially as it is a meeting point of Zanskar, Himalayan ranges and Eastern and Western Himalayas. The importance of this beautiful valley is furthered as many endangered flower species and medicinal plants can be found here.

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From November to May, the valley is covered in a bed of snow but the flora here is well adapted to the harsh climatic conditions. The best time to visit the Valley of Flowers is in the months of July and August after the snow has melted. The flowers are in full bloom during this time, giving you ample opportunity to enjoy the never ending charm of this place.

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  • V Raghavan

    Wow! What a valley it is!! It was our life-time ambition to go there, but unluckily, rains and reported slippery steps made us then to drop our plans. Which is the best part of the year to go?


    Beautiful and really world heritage.

  • Swadesh Ranjan Biswas

    A true paradise on earth ! God’s personal creation !

  • Deepak Menon

    The Garhwal Hills and the Hills of Kumaon constitute probably some of the most beautiful places of scenic beauty in the world – still touched by the unadulterated wand of pure nature’s magic and unspoilt by the trappings of civilization!
    Uttarakhand is the gateway to heaven!

  • Col Siddhartha Bose

    The Valley of Flowers is indeed an enchanting place but regrettably some of the photos in the file is not actually of the valley.
    Col Siddhartha Bose

  • Sayed Nabi

    too beuatiful and thanks for seding me the nice and beuatiful pics/flowers/and more
    i like this too much

  • V. Sridhar

    Thanks for the information about VALLEY OF FLOWERS and the best time to visit that place. “”The entire trek from Govindghat to the valley via Ghangharia is a feast to the””…. Which is the nearest railway station or nearest town or village to reach that place


    Wonderful Really look like a paradise on earth.

  • sunil

    simply put, beautiful… isn’i it???

  • Dhansukh Vaghella

    I see so many flower and sight seeing in India and the World
    Send me always I like

    Reply soon

  • Tony Fernancez

    How wonderful——–
    Hope I can see these beautiful flowers some day

  • Luisa AmaliaUrcuyo


  • Audrey

    Love all the posts from this site. Do you have anything about the beautiful island of Jeju (Cheju) in South Korea?



  • Bipin Desai

    Wonderful now….When I visited about 2-3 decades back It was almost deserted….Only one kind of flowers were there…Happy to see that the vally has revived…

  • Ravindarsrinivas

    amazing valleys pic….very good job .keep it up

  • Dr. M.M. Sreenivasan

    We must thank God for the opportunity of giving us human beings to see, wonder and thank the Almighty Creator for the opportunity of seeing so much beauty via the internet; a seeing we could not have done even if we were to live a thousand lives on planaet earth!
    Thank you whoever has photograped, published and shared this with browsers!
    Dr. M.M. Sreenivasan

  • mvsmenon

    the valley of flowers is a beautiful place to see and enjoy. i would like to visit this place. can you help in getting the right direction or contact details of parties who is arranging the trip or govt .dept. who can direct me to visit this place
    thank you
    mvs menon

  • pankaj sharma

    this reyaly nice

  • T.V.Ananthanarayanan

    It will take years to see our own country .However we need a foreigner to guide us.

  • jyothi eric


  • Mohan Setia

    Really wonderful sceneries worth watching again and again. Thanks for the same .Pl keep it up….Mohan Setia

  • Tasleem Hussain

    it is wonderful and beautiful

  • Ramana Murthy

    Really Superb!!! No words are sufficient to xpress my feelings.Why should we go to foreign countries and praise them .My mother India is Grate.

  • Deepak Kumar Agrawal

    Its amazing,, these flowers are natural, no one mentain it….

  • Basawaraj Musavalgi

    It is a nature PAINTING.
    Basawaraj Musavalgi

  • chhallani pravin

    its very beautiful.

  • chandrasekar.v


  • K.Balendra

    Beautiful indeed. I would lie to send some photos from Srilanka. How do I do it.

  • Gajendra Bhatt (Amreli - Gujarat)

    Only God has created a heavenly garden for those who has the vision of beauty .

  • Ramkrishna Hardikar

    Very beautiful scenery.I shall love to visit this place.

  • D.Fokeer

    “Full many a flower are born to blush unseen and lose their sweetness in the desert air” However, you have managed to share their efragrance. THANKS Dear.


    very nice.i would like to visit this place.I Hope to be able to see these beautiful flowers some day. Really we must trust to god .

  • naresh vasishtha

    Little known,but infatuatingly beautiful is the valley of flowers What is the nearest place where a tourist can stay and visit the valley during day and return for nightstay? Any experience? please write

  • Manju

    Thank u for Superb collection. We should enjoy with nature creations.

  • vijay vasatkar

    it is like magical views. very beautitful flowers and fauna






  • PRAMODraj,Mangalore

    beautiful………………..like ahevan

  • reena singh

    Breath taking ,mesmerizing..

  • Vimlesh

    Really wonderful & at nature’s best

  • nagesh

    fantastic.big feast for nature lovers.

  • Lokendra singh,Jodhpur

    amazing…Himalaya is a paradise on earth.

  • NAK

    The visit involves strnuous trekking in hilly areas for about 14 kms. Even physically very fit persons find it challenging to trek.
    Either state govt or central govt should make some arrangement such that an average Indian also should be able to see this

  • Arun Mahapatra

    I like these very much, Plz. send like this always

  • Ram Prasad Gurg

    Natures beauty, unboundful

  • Anoja

    beautiful place…..I Like sooo…………much

  • Vijay Chaudhari

    Is this real? This truly is a world of dreams, and it exists today…God’s blessing to mankind…wake up man…Celebrate life …God has not abandoned you as it seems here in the plains…Express your gratitude to HIM…

  • Shankar.S

    Beautiful sceneries..

  • Col SK Parasar

    Heaven On Earth…I am delighted to imagine myself as part of it.

  • James Lee

    I hope those who do not believe in Almighty God will give it a
    second thought….

  • sujatha nagaraj

    Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! simply superb

  • Kirti Kumar Mandalaywala

    One,Mr. Bipin Desai, has commented above that when he visited the VOF two to three decades back, he just saw only one single species of flowers. He must not have visited the valley during flowering season which happens to be July & August, which is a spring season there.

  • john emma

    i so much luv this this is so beautiful

  • Govind Pant

    very very b,ful

  • RAHI

    shukriya jo mujhe ap ne ye beautiful picture send ki hai

  • R S Narayam

    Wow….The Colors of the Nature. A Botanical delight…

  • Prakash Kulkarni

    I had visited Vally of flowers in 1993. At that time, Digital camera was not there. However, my desire of taking pictures has been fulfilled by you.



  • G B Patil

    Its very beautiful & enjoiable. GOD bless you.

  • S.Natarajan

    Lovely scenes. Cool to my eyes.

  • S B Koppikar

    This is the way God shows His beauty of Sundaram in ‘Satyam, Shivam, Sundaram. Only God can create a place this big with so much beauty!
    Amen !!

  • himadri

    Pictures 2,4,9,10 are not of Valley of Flowers…infact they they are of four different places. Plz do your homework before posting content which misleads people.

  • prakash Khatiwala

    Not just Kerala, entire India is a God’s own country but ruled and ruined by devils. Tourism alone can meet with entire oil import bill in foreign exchange. There is an urgent need to project India as a tourist friendly destination.

  • R.V.SHAH

    Will the Tourist Dept. guide us – which is the nearest large town and railway station, good reasonable hotels – vegetarian – and guest houses to stay and transport recommended ?

  • Jagdish

    The heaven is on the earth.The mother Nature is the most beautiful in whole universe.

  • Paulo Rattes

    Lindas fotos.

  • smriti

    fantastic beauty……..planning a trip………after this……….who wants to visit switzerland.

  • SR Gogu

    When we see the colours we feel relaxed. If these colours are there in the flowers, we are very relaxed. This is the nature of attraction. It signifies how the ladies, flowers and other plants attached to the mother earth.

  • irshad

    i love flowers

  • Shefali Vaid

    It’s beautiful want to visit it someday ..Since childhood it has mesmerised me . Hope it doesn’t loose it’s charm ever.

  • shubham

    its really awsome i wish i could visit it

  • NagarajaM

    wonder at the Master who creates all these colours in nature for us to enjoy and appreciate his bnevolence.

  • Betty

    No matter where you go in this great and wonderful planet we call home there is beauty to behold. I could never live long enough to see it all and I am thankful for the people who do visit and share with us on the internet. Keep up the great work and continue to share with those of us who will never visit these beautiful places on other countries.

  • Rupendra

    These are excellent photography

  • Rupendra

    These are excellent photography. It is natures gift to us.

  • neil

    I’ve been there.
    Here’s blog

  • Indus

    It is really wonderful. Hope the valley shall be like this only. If the managers permit the real estate lobby to construct tourist resorts,. there are chances the beautiful place may vanish one day.

  • Moti Manot

    Dream comes true when any person reach at the worlds most beautiful natural place after a tiersum travelling and tierdness vanises when see the natural paradise on earth

    Moti Manot


    Dream comes true when any person reach at the worlds most beautiful natural place after a tiersum travelling and tierdness vanises when see the natural paradise on earth

    Moti Manot

    i have the oppertuninty to see the natures beauty it is not possible
    to explain in the words

    Suman Manot

  • Dr.T.V.MadhuSudhan Murty

    A great feast to the eye.

    I feel that the place is not given the due publicity I am happy it has been declared as a heritage site by the UNESCO. I feel that everybody in India must try to visit it in lifetime but the fcilities there are not clear.

  • Govindrajan Thulsi

    Heritage of India. In fact, these flowers have great medicinal value! well explained in Ayurveda! German took those palm scripts.

  • Govindrajan Thulsi

    It is available in Wikipedia. As we can find them in UNESCO’s Heritage Sites in India. Many tourist destinations are available. Tourism lovers can find the same.

  • Ganapathy V Iyer

    When we visited Kedarnath and Badrinath in 1989 as a part of a large group of around 70 pilgrims we wanted to visit this valley. Unfortunately nobody else wanted to visit this gorgeous place. God willing, I would love to visit this place if health permits.

  • shruti

    mind blowing,truly heavenetic


    I see so many flower and sight seeing in India and the World
    Send me always I like

    Reply soon

  • shyamalatha

    Really i enjoyed a lot by see these pictures, they are very beautiful good photography also.keep on sending me such type of photos i like so much these natural beauties.

    All the Best


    good luck.

  • Mukesh Shah

    paradise Of Universe……..May Be Not Another all of Galaxy

  • nityanand srivastava

    It’s really extraordinary ,like it’s in a dream. Too good to describe.

  • Dinesh Visavadia

    Imeging photographs it’s gift of God I am Secretary of Youth Hostels association of India, Race Course Unit,Rajkot I had too much Photograph of Floawer of Velly beceause of Our unit’s arreng the trekking of flower of Velly in Saptember/Octomber month but this r the emeging photos. if u r Intrested in this trek plz. contect 094272 42708.

  • kunjubi

    God’s Own Valley!

  • vishal shah

    absolutely amazing place….

  • A.P.Krishna Murthy

    Nature’s wonder at its best.God has created this heaven on earth for morals to enjoy. For those who want to visit but cannot this mail is really a GOD SEND oppertunity to enjoy within the confines of their own homes.Thanks very much for the wonderful mail.

  • KD

    Misleading: Some of the images shown are not actual images of valley of flowers, like picture with yellow flowers showing a house at the back there is no house in that entire range. I also have doubt for few more pictures

  • Shah Madhusudan Chandulal

    I have no words to describe the joy I got by looking at the photos. I wonder what will happen to me if I can visit such a heaven on earth

  • vinayak madbhavi

    The flowers of India are excellent & Marvelous for which there is no comparision.No one can copy the nature at any given time even science will not go near by.There is no substitute for these great Flower Pic.

  • Jatindar Singh Mac

    This is on top of my bucket list.
    Pray we can visit soon.
    Place to die for.

  • Teshome Bayu

    I so much love these colorful places.Thank U.

  • Kantilal ken patelQ S M J P


  • Bhupendra Patel

    just beautiful and devine……

  • mani gahatraj

    Valley of the flowers is mind blowing out of the world experience. I have just decided to to go and experience this heaven on earth.
    James Cameron should see this beauty par excellence that beats any locale on this planet. God Bless this Valley flowers and Gods

  • Om P. Jetli

    The scenery is magical especially as it changes from time to time. People who visit the valley are really fortunate to witness nature’s creation.

  • colonel(retd) vrk prasad

    It’s like heaven on the earth, I remember to have come across one similar valley though it was on a much smaller scale in Nakchok area of east Sikkim way back in 1982( off Changhu Lake).

  • Sankar Mukherjee

    Thanks Priya for this Nature’s creation of the Heavenly Garden. It is really amazing and very beautiful.

  • Cekon

    FAKE fotos included 🙁 4th picture from the bottom is not even in India. It is California USA where this yellow colored poppy grows.

  • pippa

    Yes it is indeed an unbelievable experience. Have had the good fortune to visit, but honestly once is just not enough. Each of the 4 months the valley is a new colour & every year is quite different from the last. Kudos also to people of the place who have ensured that it’s pristine nature has been maintained.

  • abraham george

    According to me these pictures of nature declare the glory of God

  • sachin koli

    Heaven is here.

  • B. Narayan


  • Jaymala Diddee

    What a wonderful place. The mesmerizing beauty makes you feel you are in Paradise.Hopefully over exposure to tourism will not turn it into Paradise Lost
    Thanks for the visual delight and hope to receive more of these golden nuggets !!!

  • Major Y P Maini

    Valley of flower is undoubtedly the heaven on earth.It is the place where Lord Indra desented earth to escort Yudhister to the heaven.

  • Jagdish Jariwala

    The valley of Flowers is the most beautiful valley in the Whole World. It seems that Gods and Angles resides here. The positive energy if always following there.
    One must visit once in his life span.

  • saliim001

    More than Beautiful….i have read the beautifications of this place in many articles and places… And it is one of those places which i need to cover before i die… 🙂

  • helly

    what a lovely place it is!!!I think it is god’s holly house . when i see it i feel that i am in heaven

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