Gwalior Fort

Gwalior Fort-cover pictureDescribed by Mughal Emperor Babur as, “The pearl amongst fortresses in India”, this imposing fort is hard to miss as it can be seen from every nook and corner of Gwalior.  Built on an isolated hill of sandstone 100 m above the city, the Fort spreads out over an area of 3 km and is considered as North and Central India’s most impregnable fortress.



The Fort itself was built in two parts, at different times. The first part, the main Fort was built during the Tomar rule, in the 8th century. The Gurjari Mahal and the Man Mandir Palace was later constructed by Raja Man Singh Tomar in the 15th century for his favorite queen, Mrignayani.

Gwalior Fort-2

Gwalior Fort-entrance

In the 500 years since then, the Fort has seen many ups and downs in history. It has also changed hands many times and has been held by the Tomars, Mughals, Marathas and the British, who finally handed it over to the Scindias. The fort has quite a gory history. There’s the Jauhar Kund, which marks the spot where the women of the harem burnt themselves to death after the defeat of the King of Gwalior in 1232. The Mughal emperor Aurangzed imprisoned and later murdered his brother Murad in the striking Man Mandir Palace.

Gwalior Fort-at night

Surrounded by concrete walls of sandstone, the Gwalior Fort encloses three temples, 6 palaces and several water tanks. Easily the most beautiful place in the Fort is the Man Mandir Palace. It is an amazingly elaborate structure that seems to hang on at the edge of the fort. Blue ceramic tiles form the façade of this palace. It is also host of the spectacular sound and light show which is held there every evening. It is so well executed that you will feel as if you’re a part of the rich history of the fort and the love story of Raja Man Singh and his Queen Mrignayani.

Gwalior Fortr-Man Mandir Palace

Gwalior Fort-light and sound show

The Fort also contains many other marvels of medieval architecture. The Gujar Mahal is one such structure whose outer covering has survived the many battles the Fort has encountered. The inside of the Mahal has been transformed into an archaeological museum which houses an impressive collection of exhibits, some of which date back as far as 1st century AD.

Gwalior Fort-interior 1
Out of the three temples, the Teli-Ka-Mandir is the most prominent. It is a 9th century Dravidian style shrine rising to a height of over 100 ft. It is famous for its blend of South Indian architecture with North Indian decorative motifs and is notable for its liberally sculpted exterior. The Saas-Bahu temples can be found on the eastern side of the fort. They are dedicated to Lord Vishnu and are larger-than-life examples of 11th century temple architecture.

Gwalior Fort-Teli-Ka-Mandir

The Karan Palace, the Jahangir Mahal and the Shah Jahan Mahal are also all palaces what are definitely worth seeing.

Gwalior Fort-sculptures

The fort also has a special place in the field of human civilization as it was the place which has the first ever recorded use of 0.

Gwalior Fort-1

A visit to Gwalior is incomplete with a visit to Gwalior Fort, one of the best heritages of our country and the most prominent structure in the Gwalior skyline. The best time to visit Gwalior fort is between October to March.


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    What a marvellous place! All the structures/buildings appear to be very well kept and are so beautiful to look at. Hope to visit the place some time!



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    Excellent peace of Architecture. Maintenance will be a difficult task. Monetary and Physically.

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    It’s a beautiful architecture and worth seeing places. Everyone should keep maintain the same in the Indian history for future generation.

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    We should beautify such a legacy & excellent architecture as Gwalior Fort.Also security arrangements need to be beefed up.The rear portion overlooking Kila Gate is not maintained,needs beautification.


    please save this heritage of india – this is not only valuable for foreigner but costly also for history lovers

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    The Intricate work is remarkable . Not possible in nowadays. a beautiful piece of craftsmanship.

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    Most interesting and worth seeing. We are proud of this heritage.

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    G M P RAO.


    The Gwaliar fort is very beutiful and well preserved. There was no destruction because of the Syndia rulers did not oppose british rulers and therefore there were no attacks. Still, maintain such a fort is a very very costly thing. Only kings can do it. One must visit the fort in life time.

    PG Deodhar

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    Excellent photographs bringing back nostalgic memories. I don’t miss a trip to this magnificent monument when visiting Gwalior. My compliments also to the housekeeping staff of the fort for maintaining it to beautifully

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    Beautiful Fort and Palaces within. Missed seeing it when passing through thirty years back. Would like to see it in detail and feed the fishes in the famous talao.

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    This has revived my old memories. I first visited this gorgeous fort in 1975 when I was in India working for Western Railway. Now since 2000 I am in Toronto,Canada. I recommend all NRIs and others to at least visit this place.
    Firoz Khan
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    Think of the civilization then as compared to now. We are missing many good things in life. Who needs this fast life?

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  • lakshmikumar

    Can I share these photos with facebook friends?


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    in this a HANUMAN JI TEMPLE if any person live inside wrongly person will come in temple nothing worng do with him otherwise…………….. u know very well

    Govt also try make any building there but next all cunstruction crushed


  • Inayat sher khan

    Unfortunately I have not visited Guwaliar fort nor do I hope to visit it being a Pakistani citizen but by the pictures I have just now seen it is really an impressive structure.India should be paoud of it.

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    Rajesh is right. I visited this palaces way back in 1965. Our Guide at that time said that these are ‘Haunting palaces.’ Of no proof was given.

    This is a fantastic site. A must for a tourist. One muxt see it at last once in life time.

    Firo Khan,
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    @Rajesh Kumar Sharma, Are you kidding me…. i’ve been there plenty of times but never heard of any ghost. so stop posting stupid shit. Apart from that Fort there is a school(SCINDIA SCHOOL ) and a guru duara( a bit famous guru duara )

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  • Jacob Paul Sanasi

    The Photos showing different parts of the Fort are excellent. I felt like seeing the Gwalior Fort just before my eyes. I have visited this Fort in July,1960, with my uncle.Quite a long time back! But I don’t remember the details now. I enjoyed seeing the important pictures of the Fort now. Thanks for ‘India Outing’for bringing this on the Internet.


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    Just returned from a 12 day India-Nepal trip- To me India is more than INCREDIBLE! The Hindu religion being the first and oldest in the world/civilization is so intriguing and mind-boggling, so alive and well. My respect for all religions and historical remains of the temples , stupa , mosques, palaces, forts . Himalaya, most exotic beautiful human faces, saris, turbans ,brilliant colors ,foods, holy cows , elephants ,camels , flora and fauna , the then silk road beaming w/ automotive vehicles , cobra charmers…plus more are all so fascinating! I was in ‘lala land’ I thought. Namaste!!!!

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    There is absolutely no doubt, once India used to be a gold mine of the world economy, when rest of world, particularly Europe was starving. It us during 1600s that so called East India Company (EIC)mafia came into existence and looted the entire subcontinent. True. But point to ponder is: How? By which instruments?

  • Muhammad ABRAR Qureshi

    From where those instruments were imported to assist EIC? Are such elements not floating around? Do their roots not deepen in our society? Did anybody think to erradicate them?

  • Harish

    Have been a past resident on the fort during school days (Scindia School. Have visited many forts around the country but nothing to beat the Gwalior fort in design, grandeure and maintenance. excellent Sound and Light presentation.

  • nitin konde

    I already wrote an Article on Gwalior fort and best hotels of the city in Times of India, this mammoth structure is built on an isolated rock, giving panoramic view of old Gwalior town 24×7 and takes pride to be one of the biggest forts of its kind in the country

    History reckons that the first part of the fort was constructed by a Tomar ruler. According to folklore a Tomar emperor while passing through the rocky terrain noticed saint Rishi Galav worshiping and he was awestruck by the charm on his face and the serene radiation coming out from his body as he prayed. Observing this emperor resolved to build a city called ‘Galav Rishi Ki Tapo Bhoomi’, which ultimately became the foundation laying of Gwalior Fort.

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    How the work of our ancestors rulers (TOMARS/ TOOR)

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    Thank you for posting these pictures

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