Kovalam – Beach Town on the Arabian Sea

Kovalam is famous for its beaches, among the most pristine in India. It is about 17 km from Thiruvananthapuram city, the capital of the southern state of Kerala in India. Kovalam is popular region comprising three beaches situated in the state of Kerala in the south of India. The southernmost, known as the Lighthouse Beach, is the most popular of the three. Many hotels, restaurants, lodges and shops are located here. It is frequented by outsiders who stay and enjoy Kovalam. The Northern most crescent is crowded on the weekends, is very popular with the locals, day-travelers, and passing-by tourist buses. Hawa Beach, is among one of the beaches in India where top-less sunbathing is tolerated and well appreciated by the locals, who come on the weekends to admire this view free of charge. The tourism department provides a vigilant life guard service on both Lighthouse and Hawa beach.  Those expecting a replica of Goa will be pleasantly surprised by the more relaxed atmosphere,a bit more laid back,the food a touch softer and lighter.

Get in

Kovalam is about 16 km (20 minutes in a taxi) from Trivandrum. Taxis can charge around 400-500 rupees to get to Kovalam. When asked where you want to go, say Hawa Beach, Leela Beach/Main Beach or Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam.

In an auto-rickshaw 250-300 rupees is a fair price, avoid going above 300 rupees. If in doubt ask to use the meter, but in reality they really don’t work at all. Advice being if they are trying to rip you off go to leave for another rickshaw and they will often back down and offer you a fair price, if not, get in a different rickshaw. Even if India is a cheap country, the prices for gasoline are international standard, so don’t expect super cheap private transportation. If you go by public bus from Trivandrum-East Fort to Kovalam Beach you only pay 8 Rps. for the half hour trip.

Buses to Trivandrum can also be caught from Kovalum Junction as well as Amabassador taxis and Autos to pretty much anywhere. Be very careful walking around the junction, especially at night, as there are no traffic lights (what’s new?!) and the street lighting is very minimal. The intersection can be busy.

Get around

Tourist taxis are the most convenient way to travel around attractions, especially while travelling in a group. Most airports and railway stations have tourist taxi services that would take you anywhere you would want to go.

A more adventurous option is to get a bike on hire. The highway is a pleasure to drive on, with the cool breeze and coconut palms lined along the way. Once on the highway, drive north for the plains, drive south for the hills. Avoid driving through Thiruvananthapuram city, it’s congested. The old highway, also called MC road, is also good to drive on. The MC road can take you deep into the hills. Try out the throaty Enfield 350 CC bikes for a truly vintage experience, check your fuel levels before you leave.

Two wheelers do not have to pay the highway toll, simply ride through the side lane.


  • Varkala Drive north on the highway for about an hour (55 km). It has a superb beach and cliff front and the usual tourist amenities. The quiet sandy beaches and large lakes of Paravur (65 km from Kovalam) are also close to Varkala and are hidden away. Paravur is a shared secret among those seeking a more peaceful getaway.
  • Ponmudi – A nice semi-hill station located about 1 1/2 hours from Kovalam.
  • Neyyar Dam ca 1,5 hours by local bus. Only worth to visit if you do not know what else to do. It is a water reservoir. No other curiosities except some crocodiles kept in cages. Better spend the time on the beach.
  • Backwater Tours between Kovalam and Trivandrum there are backwater trips available that can be booked at Kovalam Beach itself. Small boats for 4-6 persons. A nice experience.


  • Surfing – Some fine waves from time to time (0.5 – 2 meters). You can hire surf boards and body boards on the beach from $6USD a day. Body boarding can be enjoyed by anyone. Surfing takes a bit more skill. It is wise to follow the life-guards’ instructions as there are some strong currents that can suddenly whisk the unwary out to sea.

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  • It is a gods own country

  • I have been there many times.It is truly beautiful

  • The presentation creates in us the desire to visit Kovalam. So much greenery and the Arabian Sea !!!

  • priya mohini

    when shall we go to kovalam, my soul?

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    Beutifulll, Amazing

  • M C Jacob

    With little more trouble better pictures of Kovalam area could be taken.

    M C Jacob


    Really its cool to see & have an knowledge about these places, perhaps pls introduce us about goa beaches

  • sathya

    What A Wonderful Place..Recently I am transferred from Chennai…I love to go to this place. If possible pls provide some more details interm of stay, places to visit.

  • basheer pasha

    Belive me my India a incredible and great,

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    When i was in the age of 13 i went kovalam beach, but now i am in age 40, but i have full of green memories about kovalam.till now i want very eager to enjoy kovalam.

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  • its wonderful i have been there


  • tvsdmurty

    i have been to kovalam. it is an excellent place particularly in winters. do not miss it if you go to south india
    particularly kerala.

  • the best place ever . . . .

  • Rizwan Basari


  • Harri Haran

    Your Photos are tempting to visit the said place,I Started Saving little money from today onwards to visit the Place.Inshallah , i may get success within 365 days.

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    views given in photos tmpted to visit this place.

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    its nice i have been

  • Topek

    Beautiful indeed. But it’s immaterial to imagine how the beach looks like in 50 years time. Would it be the same?

  • its beautiful like heaven in earth

  • udayan shah

    I am visiting Kovalam since 1990. It used to be serene unspoilt and peaceful. Recently I visited after 6 years. It is completely changed. Shanties and eateries have come up all along beach front, making beach dirty. The entire stretch from Hotel Ashok to light house is full of small hotels. It is not the serene place it used to be.


    What a beautiful place ,good place to release tention

  • Jabalimuni

    The pictures and the description make me feel seeing the places around Kovam beach

  • Mathew P. Abraham

    Oh! What a great bliss to visit that place! Once you visit there, you will be tempted to visit the place and enjoy the bliss again and again, if only its serenity is preserved for the posterity.

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    Very Beautiful place, Many tks for the information.

  • Prasanthprabhakaran

    Thanks to all commentators for commending the beauty of KERALA……..

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    It’s really a wonderful moments of kerala . I really enjoy to saw the pictures

    Thank you so much


  • Saraswathi Natarajan

    I am planning to go to Kerala. Its good that I found mind blowing greenery in Kovalam. Definitely I have to visit this place.

  • Smita

    Its really very beautiful. People can get fascinated quickly by these pics quickly. I have not visited this place till now but now after seing these one’s i now really feel like visiting this place. And enjoy the beautiful, lavishing and hearful greenary, the sea shores with water dancing, the line of coconut palms oooooooooooh its quite tempting for a person to visit the place……… It seem to look like another heaven on earth ……………..

  • sanjay


  • There is one famous beach on the East (Bay of Bengal) coast, called Kovalam (Covelong, in English) at Mamallapuram about 40 km south of Chennai. There seems to be some confusion due to the naming both the tourist spots on the Eastern and Western coasts, with the same names

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    really nice, excited to get into those exciting water

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    Beautiful photographs

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    u.Sathik ALI

    Realy beautifull Place i will come back to you

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    it is really beautiful

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  • it realy cool……

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    really its amazing .. i like to after my marry .. take relax breath with my amazing partner..
    i love this romantic place

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    I want to no more about this tore, just because i stay in kolkata but i dont no that place. what are the correct CTC if hotels fair of trains or airlines. how to go from kolkata and more ……………..please help me or give me any number where i can contact …………….


    exrtreamly beutiful. feel like goinng there immediatly

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    of course, god’s land. one can see god form this beauty

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    Extremely beautiful and it is nothing but heaven on land


    its beautiful and amazing.would like to visit.

  • Deepu Ponnappan

    Its my gods own contry, i love this place, thanks for posting views of my land, really nice to live in there, i miss this place now, and trying to fly from singapore to visit place again and wanted to build a house at my own land where i bought last year, and planning to buy a house boat too. i am planning my and retire life out this place…. wow really amazing… thank you so much for making me happy to my place out there….

  • Amazing ! wonderful! Certainly it’s God’s Own Country, indeed.


    Its amazing natuaral beauty.

  • Its amazing natural beauty.its God’s gift to India.

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  • Chandra Kalpoe

    My roots are in India…I am from Suriname
    …such places are great to see….I will visit someday

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    Thanks Priya, for forwarding such an informative article.

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    Nice Image

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    what is the best time to go there.

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    but ! very nice place.

  • hello priya
    Real Beautyful choice of yours its beautiful and clean beach one should go thanks


  • one word AMAZING

  • i say its Beauty of our country

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    I deffinately plan to go soon.

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    realy a wonderful and great place to visit but u left us thirsty in terms of accommodation, we have to go from delhi ,so please advice us about the accommodation in and around the kovalam, waiting 4 ur reply. bcoz i have plan to see kerala. and tel us the days suitable to be there.

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    I simply fall in love with kerala, gods real land.


    hai dear all friends myself being a keralite(both my parents original keralites) but me born in kashmir and educated all over India speak 7 languages including arabic presently working in Dubai going on vacation 7th july 2010 to Gods own country thats Kerala may i request any one need any infos or pics while am back are most welcome
    bai baai

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    God Gift…………….

  • Goan

    Its Better in Goa

  • shakti vadhera

    This is one of the BEST BEACH in INDIA…nd Kerala is the best state 4 GREANERY…..JUST GO ONCE DERE U WONT FEEL LIKE COMING BACK 4M DERE…nd if u C dis BEACH u ll 4get every beach in INDIA…M just Crazy abt Kerala a LOVELY PLACE TO STAY ……….

  • rashi

    seems to be very nice place, thank u very much



  • Lolita

    HI There
    I have been to Kovalam, & the Photo,s are not showing half of its beauty, the Photo,s dont do it justice! Shame, who toke the Photo,s?,

  • A beautiful country I want to go to him

  • tanveer

    hai i m tanveer i m saying Mashallah

  • jatin dave

    why there is no place mentioned in gujarat state.

    there’s nothing in gujarat to go of outing ??

  • Johny (port blair)

    Last year I visited Kovalam Beach I find it Ok but for swimmers it is a risk as it comes under open sea areas, but I belongst to Andaman and no one explore Andaman,the beaches in Andaman is really to watch with full of green vegetation and mangrooves, so please come to Andaman

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    nice, very good place. i like very much

  • siricilla sreenivas

    wow, vey beautiful nature…it is proud of india

  • Mohanan.H.L

    A beautiful presentation. Also quoted the travelling rates with different choice, can have a better idea for the tourists in advance, not to be cheated, since this can happen anywhere in tourist spots.

  • pranati mitra

    In the year 1977 january 2nd we visited kovalam Beach. it is nicest beach in India . I never go USA , UK o any other country. Our India I cant explain in a word or in a few sentences. I love kerala , I love Idia from North to south , east to west. full of natural beaty. Kovalam is best beach i ever seen.

  • a k rajamony

    hey, this is one of the best beaches in the world and that too in Kerala in the God’s own country.i have visited the beach several times.but even after visiting the beach each time i have an urge to go there again to rest in the shadows of the palms enjoying the cool breeze looking at the blue sea and waves and the enchanting views nearby.
    A must see beach…and you will never be disappointed…

  • Sabin Karki

    mind blowing,superb place.

  • viju menon

    this beach i think is dirty and suks

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    Happy to see Kovalam in Fun On the Net.
    I’m a native of Kovalam

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  • ALI


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    We had been to the Kovalam in jan 2011, very beautiful, calm and clean beach. we got indian veg food , it was so delicious , and for u r sake the company with we were all foreigners and tastefully enjoing it ! The green kerala, clean kerala,only laungage problem ? no hindi I decided to visit regularly

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  • Kerala is very beautiful place in India

  • himanshu maharaj

    it is nature’s sign.

  • madhu



    We should proud of our country having such a beautiful beaches. Realy I like these beaches. Thank you for giving such a beautiful beaches


    These are all old photographs.If you go and see the latest Kovalam you will surely be disappointed. I have visted during this summer vacation (May 2011) and seen it with my own eyes.

  • Pravinkumar

    Its Really Beautiful

  • Dr Krishnappa M

    it’s a wonderful beach.I had been to the beach,it’s awesome,because it’s in God’s own country.

  • K.Sreekandan-Nair

    welcome to all tourists in Trivandrum, Padmanabha swamy temple & Kovalam beach.

  • Harihara Murthy

    This has been one of my favourite destinations.
    Having stayed at Kovalam twice , will vouch for it being one of the best holiday locations on the coast in India

  • chathu

    Iam from kerala.

  • chathu

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  • suja sri

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  • Harish Bhinde

    I simply wonder at the marvelous CREATIONS of the CREATOR!
    What photos capture is the beauty of the spot, but I simply love the soothing music of sound of the waves! One can simply meditate on the sounds for hours on.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • achuthan vatakketath ravi

    nature comes rises and grows lovely.man comes rises and grows cruelly.
    there ends everything!even the differences between nature and man.so beware of man.

  • Avdhesh Rawat

    kerala is really very osam place.

  • Jayahari

    There are VOLVO AC Buses and Leyland Semi Sleeper Luxury Buses from Trivandrum Town to Kovalam Beach. You can travel to Kovalam for Rs.25/- in VOLVO Ac Buses with a nice view of the suburbs.

  • Aayush

    What a great place———-

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    Belive me my India great

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    I did not know Kovalam Beach only 19 km from Trivandrum.
    OMG….. Its only 20 minutes drive.
    I was there for my friend’s wedding.
    I missed a golden opportunity.

  • Tony Fernandez --Copenhagen

    I have been there once and for sure will be there again-
    KERALA—–God`s own country

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    views given in photos tmpted to visit this place.

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    it really is beautiful,our family enjoyed the Beach and we had a wonderful stay at Kovalam,organized by Dolly Doshi,Blue Diamond Tour and Travels,Rajkot.

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    All the pictures are very nice. Thank you very much for giving such a beautiful pictures.

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    Kovalam Beach is Beautiful and awesome

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  • prakash

    It’s a filthy over crowded place falsely hyped. Indians don’t know how to develop n maintain their nature n tourist spots.

  • mohammed rafik

    1 of the best beach around chennai…

  • mohammed rafik

    best sites around arabian sea

  • Chandrakant M. sheth

    It is a beautiful and clen beach with too black shining fine sand. It was a favourite place of our great atomic energy scientist Lt Dr Sethana . The richest temple of the world is near by. I had visited the beach in 1975 when it was less crowed with the bungalows on the coast than shown in the pictures above. our nation is rich and incredible with all its diversity and abudance of natural wealth,flora and fauna.My memories are dull now ,I will revisit soon.

  • C m sheth

    The Black sand is a rich source of mineral Rutile. Does it contain the reach source of radio active element ? Was Russia purchasing the sand at throw of cost in the regime of Jawaharlal Nehru which was stopped by Lt. dr Homi jahangir Bhabha ? .please throw light on this matter.

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    Sri Lankan beaches are same beautiful like kerala beaches

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    It is truly an awesome beach. But don’t forget the food. The fresh seafood from the various shack restaurants along the beach is to die for.

  • neelakuyil

    When I visited Kovalam a few years ago, half of the width of the beach was full of vendors. Teenagers were walking up and down looking at women wearing swimming trunks. Then there were several young vendors walking everywhere selling grass mats,etc. It was nearly as crowded as the ground in front of Siva temple in Ernakulam during ulsavum!
    Most interesting sight was that of fishermen with their hauls at sunset. Someone said to me later that there is a naturist beach near the hotel.

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    It is really beautiful place in the earth. thanks priya!

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    Very beautiful place to visit.I would like to see the beaches & surrounding area, at the earliest opportunity.

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    Prakash has rightly commented,it is filthy & over crowed . I visited in 1982 when the scenic view of the beach was beautiful and unparalleled. In 2011, I again visited the beach and was shocked to see pathetic condition of the beach with numerous unauthorized construction.

  • P. M. Thomas

    Oh! It my native place, God’s own country! Marvellous!!

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    Heaven on earth

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    It must be beautiful sight as I remember in 70s and 80s Kovalam used to be advertised in “Readers Digest” magazine . Those day hardly any advert used to appear on tourism.

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    Really its a fantastic location and everyone has to see and enjoy it.

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    very nice. This is the place I have to visit earlier. tq

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    fantastic views made me nostalgic about our visit to that beach
    few years ago

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    i am so gld of you to sending me beautiful pics
    i like you dear Priya malhutra

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    Photography is Excellent.
    I visited for this places & till seems so beautiful. Nice place in India.

    Regards, Kedar S.E.

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    oh man no one seems to have been there dirty sand yuk…..

  • Panchapagesan

    Everyone has said Beautiful and wonderful. I also join with them. At the same time I want to say a few things. Nature has given us similar opportunities to enjoy life in various places like seeing places in Himalayas as well as Mount Abu with sun set, etc. I feel after seeing these places that one has to develop subjectively a feeling of an inspiration of joy within for a meaningful living!!!

  • Panchapagesan

    My comment has given above!!

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    t’s a wonderful beach.I had been to the beach,it’s awesome,because it’s in God’s own country.

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    Thank you Priya for your information. It is extremely beautiful. I had been there in three occasions.It is one of the best sea beach I have come across in India.

  • Gopakumar.B

    The pristine beauty is spoiled due to un-imaginative constructions.

  • pervez

    ple dont sand mail

  • B. Narayan

    We visited Kovalam beach on 25th Oct 2012. It is so beautiful that once you go there, you would forget to come back.



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    Truly breathtaking views! Sexy beach and environment. A must visit site!

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    Thank you madam for sending such a lovely info cum photos of Kovalam beach .This has re kindled my memories,as I visited these places 3 yrs back and now gor refreshed .

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    We were there in October and overnight on a boat in the back waters. we enjoyed the hospitality and beauty of this wonderful place.

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    nice information given by u.
    how we can reach from delhi & when the best time to go there when summer vacation during may to june.pl advice & guide dear bye

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  • Sethuraman

    The most beautiful place in the South. Marvelous

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    It is beautiful beach, but nothing special than other beaches in Kerala. Nothing special things to see around the beaches also, just beach only. The main good thing it is very good place for long time staying tourist from Europe in winter season. Everything is available here according to budget. There are many many cheap hotels and many luxury hotels can see in Kovalam. Everything is available in our choice. In the beaches and surrounding we can’t hear any noise of traffic even from a motor bike. Very quiet like small village. Tourist from Europe it is very good place.

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    Kovalam Beach is Beautiful and awesome, best sites around arabian sea

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