Mysore Palace

cover photoMysore Palace or Mysore Maharaja Palace is one of the largest and most spectacular monuments in the country. Also known as Amba Vilas, it is located in the heart of the city of Mysore. The palace was initially built by the Wodeyar kings in the 14th century. Unfortunately, as it was made of out wood it got burnt down in 1897 during a royal wedding. The current palace construction was commissioned in 1897 and was completed by 1912. Designed by the famous British architect, Henry Irwin, it was built for the twenty-fourth Wodeyar Raja. It was the residence of the Wodeyar Maharaja’s of the Mysore State.

The current palace is built in Indo-Saracenic style and blends together Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic styles of architecture. The palace itself is a three-storey stone structure which has a series of square towers with arches covered with domes. There is also a large open space in front with an open courtyard in the center which is covered by a gold plated dome about 145 feet off the ground. A striking sculpture of Gajalakshmi, the goddess of wealth, prosperity, good luck is located above the central arch with her elephants. The palace is surrounded by a large garden. The palace houses a collection of exquisite carvings and works of art from all over the world.

mysore palace during the day

mysore palace at nightmysore palace gardens

The palace also has several unique rooms. These include the public durbar, where the king would host major ceremonial gatherings. There’s also the Kalyana Mantapa, a spectacular octagonal shaped hall where all royal weddings, birthdays and ceremonial functions were celebrated. The Private Durbar, the Gombe Thotti and the portrait gallery are also worth a visit.

golden throne

mysore palace interior

The palace is now converted into a museum that is home to souvenirs, paintings, jewellery, royal costumes and other items which were once possessed by the Wodeyars. However, the erstwhile Royal family continues to live in a portion of the Palace. It’s a rainbow of stained glass and mirrors. The lavishly decorated rooms are hidden behind elegantly decorated and intricately carved doors. Musical instruments, costumes, children’s toys and portraits are displayed on the ground floor while the upper floor has a small collection of weapons. It is said that the palace displays the largest collection of gold objects quantity wise.

silver door

beautiful dome

The Mysore palace complex has a selection of 12 Hindu temples. They have been built over a vast expanse of time with the oldest being built in the 14th century. The latest one was built in 1953. Someshvara Temple, dedicated to God Lord Shiva and Lakshmiramana Temple, dedicated to God Lord Vishnu are some of the more famous temples.


temple 2

The palace is illuminated with ninety seven thousand bulbs at night on Sundays and during the holiday season of Dasara. It is truly a sight to behold.

during dasara

mysore palace illuminated

Mysore Palace Timings: 10:00am-5:30pm
Entry Charges:
• Indian National- Rs.20/-;
• Foreign Tourist- Rs.200/-
• Free entry for children up to the age of 10.
Mysore Palace Illumination Timings:
• 7:00-8:00pm only on Sundays, National holidays and State festivals.
• 7:00-9:00pm during the Dasara festival.



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  • ananda

    its a beautiful palace as well as city

  • V Raghavan

    One of the best palaces in the country. Not to be missed at all. The lighted palace on Sunday evenings is also a real treat to watch. I have not seen any thing like that anywhere else in the country.

  • vishwanath

    Nice place in India this in my Karnataka

  • renuka oke

    this seems to be one of the beautiful heritage building which is well preserved. i intend to visit this place as soon as possible.

  • vaidya

    S P E C T A C U L A R : T H A N K S


    So very beautiful!!! Thanks for sending photos.

  • Ravindra Chary Suroju

    Beautiful construction.

  • Jacob Paul Sanasi

    I enjoyed seeing the Mysore Maharaja Palace once again in pictures,by the courtesy of ‘India’.You can not see the entire palace in a single day. It’s a wonderful experience to enter the palace, and move from one room to another, feeling like we are in an exotic world. I wish every Indian should visit this ‘wonderland’ atleast once in their life time. It’s another great experience to see the palace fully decorated in lights,on Sundays and National Holidays from 7 to 8 P.M. I thank once again for giving us this beautiful experience.

  • nagesh

    there are more things to see in the palace particularly Ravi Varmas beautiful paintings.


    So Beautiful, its amazing…

  • selva


    One of the greatest among few in India.

    Illumination is really fantastic.

  • Dr.Ramesh.M.S.

    Prapanchada ENTANE ADBHUTHA

  • Dr. M.M. Sreenivasan

    Thank you very much to have given a wonderful opportunity o view one of the most celebrated and grandiose buildings ever built and that it was built in those olden days without the benefit of machinery and technology speaks volumes about the talents and skills of the builders and architects! There is a living spirit in those olden day buildings besides the form.
    However in these day should the form be much more stylized, intricate and
    awe-inspiring, it is only FORM without the SPIRIT!

    Dr. M.M. Srenivasan

  • NagarajaM

    This a priceless heritage to our culture. Lot of materials including gold and jewellery were stolen/shifted during the fire. Mysore State with nine districts-became ten with addition of Bellary from Madras Presidency in 1952-was one of the very prosperous states of Indian Union. Maharajas were functioning with democratic principles, Sir M visvesvariah was one of the illustrious Dewans of Mysore. Today Mysore city is a culural centre of Karnataka hosting Dasshera festivals annually attracting millions of tourists from within India and abroad. Values need to be preserved and nurtured for future generations.

  • kamal

    nice & Beautiful place
    fare to be encaurage to indians Rs: 20/-
    others 200/-
    very good

  • raja

    one of the beautiful construction in india. it is a vising place

  • A C Mallikarjuna Swamy

    Thank you for giving an opportunity to see the photos. I had visited the palace two years back. Really amazing and one of the cultural heritage of Karnataka.

  • A C Mallikarjuna Swamy

    One of the best palaces of India and worth seeing many times.

  • shailesh kushwaha

    everyone have to visit mysore palace once in life……with family members and friends…….. ok so keep packing now and moves to mysore vila……..

  • Namita nanda

    This is a beautiful heritage of India.I became quite happy by seeing the photographs. One should never miss the opportunity of visiting it once in life time.

  • ismathhussain

    iam hussain from srilanka
    i have beeen there 3 times. excellent palace and brindavanam garden


    One of the best palaces in the country. Not to be missed at all. The lighted palace on Sunday evenings is also a real treat to watch. I have not seen any thing like that anywhere else in the country.

  • Khattak

    Thank you for giving an opportunity to see the photos. I like it very much and with best wishes to see.

  • Anna Appaiah Setty A V

    It is one of the beautiful place, where in we can see beautiful paintings of Sri. Ravivarma. Gold Simhasana Chair where King(Raja) use to sit and do administration during those days. It is a place where we can during those days how king rule helped different communities and supported their art to develop. One of the nice place in India (specially my native Sandalwood Land) Sirigannadam Gelge , Sirigannadam balge, Jai Karnataka

  • g n sarma

    No doubt it is a wonderful monument and a great gift to Indians by Maharajas of Mysore. I have gone through all the messages none of the messages not even mentioned thanks to the builder and the architect. The broad mind of the then Rajas to be honoured by evey visitor in their mind for their priceless contribution to the country.

  • N S RAJU

    Mysore palace outside view is much shown.
    Beautiful Durbar Hall,Kalyan mantap with oil paintings of Royal family is missing.
    One should visit Palace to enjoy the Beauty of all Paintings & other
    items displayed.
    N.Subramanya Raju

  • N S RAJU


  • jane d'souza

    It is fascinating,worth visited.

  • N.Manokaran

    At the time of school tour I had visited these places. Its nice for recalling in pictures now. Fabulous. Thanks a lot priya.

  • balu

    Whaaaaaaaaaa…..nice ,,,, wonderful pictures…

  • Nari Dadlani

    Excellent – where will you find places like this on this earth.


    Every indians have visit this heritage as privileged.

  • anand

    its a taunting beauty. a sheer blend of past and present.

  • Ramkrishna Hardikar

    Very beautiful & artistic palace worth visiting.The Illumination of the palace enhances its beauty further.I visited the palace long back during day time. I wish to see it again during late evening to enjoy its illumination.

  • vipin

    Wounderfull images

  • vipin

    wounderfull colured photographs

  • Pawan Kumar

    So beautiful , its one of the best PALACE

  • Avinash Limaye

    When The Government will bring back the Economy to this state of our old Heritage ?

  • suresh babu


  • Appadurai.T

    Nice photos.Good to see.

  • Nizam HM

    Its amazing.

    This shows the aesthetic taste of the Mysore king and proves the advancement of the architecture in 14th century and he talents of the workers of India.

  • vidyut chandra patange

    Hey ,
    The Wodeyar dynasty has built the Mysore palace in the 14th century. Mysore city was ruled by the Wodeyar dynasty from the 14th century until India’s independence in the year 1947. In the year 1638 a lightning strike hit the palace, causing damage to the palace. In the year 1793 the palace was demolished, which led to the building of a new palace in the year 1803. In the year 1897 the palace was set on fire while Princess Jayalakshmanni (princess from the Wodeyar dynasty) was on the throne.
    The palace was later rebuilt by Krishna Raja Wodeyar IV under Henry Irwin’s (British Architect) administration

    I visited palace and except sundays and holidays , every eveniing light and sound show arranged , and at the end of show full lights are swiched on for 2 minutes …i recommend it to watch ….as life time memoriable event ..

  • sandra roy

    Spectacular site simply amazing !





  • priya

    such a amazing wonders in dis world lovly

  • Prof. Jameel Pathan

    Beautiful so nice place in Mysore

  • Sulbha Wagh

    It’s so beautiful place

  • P.Bagyalakshmi

    Ienjoyed visiting the palace thrice but still likes to visit ,palace and Brindavan ,desreves to be preserved as heritages building of our nation like karnataka.

  • hemanthkumar hb

    This is Amazing place mysore

  • hari

    so beautiful picture

  • Muhammad Moin

    Amazing Palace of Muslim’s Time in India

  • chukkipriya

    lovely artistck inspireing palace of india

    we r thank full tourism dept & indiaouting ppls also for good maintene

  • subhash namjoshi

    I visited the palace for the first time in 1968 & have visited it many times since then !! It has never stopped fascinating me every time during all those visits !!!

  • S.Natarajan

    Very beautiful palace in our country and can see it many a time because there are indispensable architectures, arts & Ravi varma paintings in Mysore palace. I had gone there thrice and rejoiced.

  • sagar

    wah very beautiful,amazing mysure palace every indian see the palace in life at a time.

  • manohar

    mysore is a one of the amazing palace iun india.

  • Paulo Rattes


    Aranha – Minas Gerais

  • ramaswamy s tarikere

    Perhaps one of the finest dwelling place on earth. The culture and taste of the Royals of Mysore is exceptionally of high order. Such monuments must be preserved for posterity. Great architecture and great building material used. Thanks to you. Ramaswamy S Tarikere. 3300 Summerlin Villas, N Paseo De Los Rios, Tucson, Arizona 85712 01-520-204-1194.

  • K.V.Shashidhara

    So nice to see. Beautiful palace.

  • manjulagirish

    namma naadu namma mysooru

  • Swetha Agarwal

    This is an Excellent place

  • R S Sharma

    Mysore palace is sooooo beautiful and well maintained. While seeing inner parts of the palace one feels that the king has just vacated it for ppeople

  • rekharavichandran

    Wow its really very nice.last 6 years back i saw this place.its wonder full palace.I like it somuch.i love this mysore palace.

  • M G Nagendra

    It is an excellent place. It has got traditional style.The structure and inside painting and glass work used resembles Mysore and Karnataka culture. In India it is best place to see and enjoy by Indians and also foreigners. The night time lighting resemblance like a heven, all age people can enjoy the lighting.

  • M.S.A.Rao

    Wonderful building.Amazing the way it is maintained.

  • Paulo Rattes

    Lindas fotos.

  • Jagdish

    Mysore Palaces are magnificant and glamerous.I love my India. What a great culture and heretiage.

  • S.Natarajan

    One of the best palaces in India is Mysore palace. I had visited it thrice and it doesn’t leave my heart even many a visit done.Arts,paintings and architectures particularly a phenomenon clock in Mysore palace explore our skill of art to extinguished visitors from other countries and reveal the beauty of the palace. I would like to refer that Dusserrah festival is most important in our country by making the Mysore palace most beautiful and marvelous with fine decoration.

  • bipin Relia

    The palace is saying “there was a proudy living standard of indian MAHARAJA” Also it is proud of those labour who has work for PALACE.

  • menakaprakashreddy

    Really Mysore palace is wonderful & marvelous. Recommended to announce /treat as 8th wonder of world

  • hooyas

    Really very informative

  • zabiullabaig

    So beautiful , its one of the best PALACE
    ,desreves to be preserved as heritages building of our nation like karnataka. I wish to see it again during late evening to enjoy its illumination.

  • G. selim

    I enjoyed being there and would love to go back again


    Hi this is a nice place every one must visit….

  • vaidya

    The Great MYSORE & Dassera goes together, when theLae Jaya chama rajendra Udayar, takes a procession on elephant to reach their Deity temple for a darshan,a tradition being kept even, who is the presentKing have become little unknown,because of Removal of all kings in thekingdom of India.yet Mysore continue to remain in thehearts of many more so from Karnaaka,one of the democratically ruled states.
    Karnataka more so Mysore, still keeps its old tradition and people are having same culture and very politite,unless like the present Politicians.
    Whynot thekarnataka take exception and give the people a loveable sight of dasara exhibtion to the world WHICH IS EVEN A GREAT TREAT FOR EYES.

  • srinivasan

    very much informative and beatiful photos

  • M.S.A.Rao

    Realy spectacular !

  • O G Mansur

    Mysore place indeed a great place . One of the finest construction in India . I have interest to know how much money & time spent to built this huge building?

  • N.Subramanya Raju

    Beautiful palace one should not miss to see in Mysore.
    Please update by including Sri Ravi varma paintings & other Mysore Artists,Viz Sriyuths,Y.Naga Raju,Y.Subramanya Raju,Shankara Raju oil paintings on canvass fixed to wall at Ambavilas Kalyan mantap hall.
    Oil painting on canvass of four Maharajas together at Durbar hall,oil painting of Maharaja Nalvadi Krishnaraja Wodiyer sitting on throne at Ambavilas hall corridor ,other Royal family Paintings are lively.These paintings should be added.
    Golden Ambhari (howdha) seat which was mounted on the Elephant on Vijaydashami day Procession of Maharajas during Dasara festival in the past is kept in the palace Museum.This photo should be added, At present Sri Chamundeshwari Idol is kept on the same Golden seat fitted to Elephant on Vijayadashami day procession at Mysore during last day of Dasara Festival.

  • Navneet Jain

    So Beautiful i visited mysore last year in december and planning to visit this year too.

  • dhanaraj

    Dasara is the best time to visit Mysore. Come, see and enjoy its beauty. We welcome you with open arms, enjoy the Dasara festivities and remember it throughout your life.

  • sayed Nabi

    Dearest Preya malhuthra thanks for sending me nice and beautiful places/pics so i love india i will come oneday to see around there
    thanks again

  • prabu

    i confirmed my next trip to mysore………. sure

  • Svsreddy

    Very good, I had visited 30 years back. Now I wish to see it again



  • Chetana Sonia

    Its really so beautiful &informative

  • Radhakrishnan Pattabiraman

    The ‘Amba Vilas’ is the embodiment of Indian culture. It demonstrates the Indian values and wealth. Great place and any number of visits to this city and the Palace keeps improving only.

  • bharat

    It is a very beautiful palace worth seeing

  • Vinay Punjabi

    i am sorry, i have no words to describe this monumental beauty; it is an experience in itself; it has to be seen with ur own eyes, otherwise nobody wud believe, that such a grand palace even exists !!!

  • Mir Ali

    Its a Beauty must see for anyone who love art & architecture

  • Padmanabhan K

    Once I had visited this Palace during 1987.(some 25 yrs back)Still I am
    exclaimed how marvelous Palace it is….! We have to thank THE NOBLE MAN SRI VISWESWARIAH who illuminates this ‘temple’ for ever. ….!

  • Snigdha

    Mysore Palace is truly amazing and beautiful place to visit. I have visited quite often and everytime I go there it transports me to bygone days of maharajahs. Seeing the palace from California it brings back nostalgic memories.

  • madhav

    The money of Kings can do any wonders and people were happy about it.. But if somebody is starving and such things are built means God will not forgive them.

  • sam

    one off the most bettfull plasece

  • Bharat Jasraj

    Very nice Thiking of visiting such a nice and beautifull palace as and Indian we all should feel proud of it


    Yes it was really worth seeing the palace ,so beautifully maintained,it is really surprising those days people created so beautiful designs,exciting to see difficult passages and garden so big with church,mosque,temple beside,we have been in summer 2012 with big family really enjoyed banglore.

  • Gopal

    I am very grateful to born in Mysore.amazing thanx for painters,maintainning staff.woh

  • Ridhanya bharathi natarajan

    it’s sooooooo awesome there are more places to visit and building is vry amazing and at night lights are dazling.And gardens are soo nice we can spend lot of time there…….

  • rizwan rizz

    I enjoyed seeing the Mysore Maharaja Palace once again in pictures,by the courtesy of ‘India’.You can not see the entire palace in a single day. It’s a wonderful experience to enter the palace, and move from one room to another, feeling like we are in an exotic world. I wish every Indian should visit this ‘wonderland’ atleast once in their life time. It’s another great experience to see the palace fully decorated in lights,on Sundays and National Holidays from 7 to 8 P.M

  • abraham george

    Marvelous creation

  • Mohan

    A beautiful palace – Just a note for knowledge – Visitors just be known that one cannot take pictures inside the palace or allowed to take cameras with them. It needs to be deposited at the entrance with a deposit receipt.

  • Saurabh

    wwowwwwww what a place really awesome

  • Dr.Raj Setiya, England

    We visited this palace in 1986 and the view of the lit-up palace and the picturesque gardens still lingers fresh in our minds: simply unforgettable !!

  • Sher Suleman

    Beautiful, nay, astoundingly marvelous monument, admirably maintained and preserved. The illumination must be spelling-binding, indeed!

    By the way, where were Wodeyars when Haider Ali and Tipu Sultan ruled greater Mysore?

  • shodan mahabir

    definitely worth visiting it appears to be very historic God bless india

  • V.s.kumar

    Extremely beautiful and a wonder


    Thank you for giving an opportunity to see the photos. I like it very much and with best wishes to see.

  • rajesh

    Beatifull and amazing place in india

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