Leh Ladakh

sea If you’re a fan of adventure, then Ladakh is the place for you. One of the most exciting ways to explore the landscape wonders as well as the remote areas of Ladakh. Crossing the Khardungla pass, considered to be one of the highest motor able roads in the world is a high like never before. Moreover, Ladakh is also a paradise for trekking and mountaineering due to its high peaks and mountains. You can also take part in and enjoy a number of fairs and festivals like the Losar festival, Hemis, Ladakh festival and tak-tok festival.

Ladakh is a part of Jammu & Kashmir in the north of India. It consists of two districts Leh and Kargil.

The district headquarters is based in Leh. Leh district consists of Leh town and 112 inhabited villages and one un-inhabited village. The total population of Leh district is 1.17 lacs. It is the second least populated district of Jammu and Kashmir, after Kargil.


mountains covered with snow


amidst mountains

There are several ways of reaching Leh but it depends on the route that would be open. Srinagar and Manali are the two major gateways to Leh Ladakh. Ladakh was under the administration of Leh until the 1st of July, 1979, when the Kargil and Ladakh administrative districts were created. Religion had been the cause of a lot of distress between Buddhists and Muslims since the late 20th century and was one of the main contributors of this division. Tibetan and Buddhist cultures have prevailed for centuries now in these two places of India. A lot of Buddhist monasteries are prominent pilgrimage centers in the country. Its colorful gompas have attracted devout Buddhists from all over the world.

Buddhist Monastery





Travelers flock to this beautiful destination from all over the globe. It has plenty to experience and explore. The most impressive is the royal palace known as Leh Palace. The palace, which overlooks Leh, has a certain mystery to it. It was constructed by King Sengge Namgyal in the 17th century. According to history, it was later abandoned as the Kashmiri armies surrounded in the mid 19th century and the royal family that was residing here earlier moved to Stok Palace on the southern bank of the Indus. The palace comprises of nine stories of which the upper floors are meant for the royal families whereas the lower floors function as stables and store rooms. Exploring the palace from the inside will make you reminiscent of the days gone by.


mountains with sea

near the lake

clouds reflecting on the lake

Leh is the second largest district in the country with an area of 45, 100 square kilometers. It is at an altitude of 3524 meters. The district is constrained by Pakistan occupying Kashmir in the west and Ghanche district, China in the north. Aksai Chin and Tibet are to the east, Kargil district to the west and Lahul and Spiti of Himachal Pradesh to the south.



jeep tour

Leh-Ladakh is truly a voyage into the most magnificent peak and religious zone of the world. The best time to visit Lakadh is from the months of June to September which are its summer months.


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    I was in LEH during 1963 till 1964. It was open land near Indusriver

    Now lot of improvement in this area due to improve road communication.

    Border road org in 1962 constructed the airfield for military operation. I was one of the officer handlinhg earth moving equipment
    repairs and maintenance.

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    One of the most stark, rugged and beautiful places one can visit. the simple Ladakhis and their hospitality are to be experienced . the natural unsullied beauty is best kept that way. the monasteries especially, Thiksey, Disksit and Hemis are very worth the visit and an experience of the Buddhist philosophy and way of life.
    Be prepared to rough it out with dry toilets and Tent stay in the Nubra valley. well worth the experience.The Bactrian Camels at the Sand dunes at Hunder alongside the River on one side and snow capped peaks for company are amazing and surreal.
    Reach thru Delhi and Leh airport. Wisdom adventures in Leh has good taxi service. Or Makemytrip has package tours that are reliable and hassle free.
    If you are not faint hearted you can motor down for 24-30 hrs from Manali in Himachal( adventurous) or from Srinagar(Easier).

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